Look up YOUR senators and reps in US Congress


Quickest for all US Congress

This website is as easy as it gets. To call your federal senators and representatives to set a meeting in your home state/district, you will need to go to your congressman’s website and find the phone number to their office that is closest to you. Sending a message through the portal almost never works! Call the office closest to you and/or in your state.

Use Facebooks Townhall Feature

Facebook has provided us with a great feature that quickly connects us to our federal legislators. You will still likely need to go to their website to find the local office phone number to call to set up a meeting, as messaging through their portal is almost never effective. 

While you are here, follow your reps and make sure you see what they post and when they will be near you!

Find Townhalls Near You

Put in your zip code and set it to alert you to any nearby events, then share the event to your states C50 group or email it to C50@painadvocate.org

Need help? No Problem!

This is new to most of us, so we are learning as we go. Please do not hesitate to reachout at any time for help with any part, that’s why we are here!