Step by Step Plan

Step 1; expired C2A but relevant still info

A Congressman’s Health Staff gave us a plan to get our issue into the hands and minds of EVERY federal Representative and Senator in 5 weeks time, so here is Step1:

March 21 & March 22 

Call the LOCAL office for your 3 congressmen (1 rep & 2 senators) and say something like:

My name is _____________ . I am a volunteer with the Coalition of 50 States Pain Advocacy Groups, and I am concerned about a renewed push to limit the abilities of our providers to prescribe pain medication to patients based on their individual need. This comes at a time when many unintended consequences of the CDC Guidelines for Responsible Opioid Prescribing are coming to light and some states are even rolling back their restrictive prescribing laws due to deaths and harms to patients. 

I would like to meet with Congressman/woman or Senator _______________ when he/she is in the district/state next month while Congress is on their April break. It will likely be a small group of us from the district consisting of pain patients with varying conditions, care givers and/or advocates, and possibly medical professionals (possibly by skype or phone conference) if their schedule allows.

Then listen to what they have to say. If they ask you to email them with something formally requesting the meeting, no problem, we have that covered, just get their email. There is a template called ‘formal request’ in the menu above and in the downloads on the home page.  Some will ask that you meet with their field representative or liaison before the Congressman, and that is great; sometimes that is a better place to start anyway! 

Basically follow their directions to set an appointment with SOMEONE! I personally have had good luck asking them if we can have 10-15 minutes before or after an already scheduled public event or townhall. Then you get to meet with them AND go to the event and really be seen and heard!!!

Main thing, if you have ANY questions, please reach out through this home page or the Facebook page (@c50advocacy) and ask! We will help find others in your area and have medical professionals ready to either meet with you or call/skype in to provide the professional side of it. The papers are ready, we have info that can be customized into a packet to fit your exact needs in minutes, including specific solutions that they can put into action! All you have to know is you and your story and be willing to work a little bit to prepare and then share!  THEY WILL MEET WITH YOU, BE CONFIDENT AND POLITE!

Click the “THIS IS OUR CHANCE” banner at the very top of this site or click on find your reps/senators in the navigation bar to find their names and websites with instructions. 

This could be a huge opportunity, we need EVERYONE to make these calls/requests to make sure they know how many of us are speaking out! to find your federal Senators and Reps, and for step by step instructions!

Printable Check List