Our Mission statement

Our organization has one focus - being the driving force behind individualized and patient centered changes to currently over-restrictive opioid prescribing laws or policies at the state and federal level.

specific advocacy asks

  • A BALANCED 'National Pain Policy' that focuses on Individualized and Patient Centered Pain Management
  • Drive the change of overly restrictive opioid prescribing state laws and policies to end the current focus on reducing opioid prescribing regardless of the harms being created
  • Proper use and access to the PDMP; including blocking law enforcement to limit 'fishing expeditions' and investigations based solely on dose and quantity without clinical context
  • Further clarification and invalidation of the CDC Guidelines; specifically clarifying the lack of quality evidence and secrecy  used in their creation
  • Ending the constant attacks and 'thinly veiled threats' that our prescribers face for providing quality and compassionate medical care for their patients