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Who is the C50 & How you can help?

The C50, Coalition of 50 State Pain Advocacy Groups, is an organization that is focused on affecting change in restrictive opioid policy aross the nation and at every level. 

So far for the 2020 legislative session roughly a dozen states have agreed to sponsor pro-patient legislation with another 13 states that we are currently working with to amend other proposed bills. 

In 2019 progress was made in Oklahoma with pro-patient legislation being unanimously voted for and enacted. Nevada, Arizona, Maine, and Oklahoma each passed an opioid clean-up bill in order to begin the process of relaxing overly restrictive opioid prescribing policies. In addition to supporting legislation, C50 members were able to be heard and begin building necessary relationships within medical/pharmacy boards and opioid commissions/panels in another 15 states that have or will result in progress.

We cannot continue this work with a goal of reaching all 50 states without financial support. Can you help? Please donate or share our fundraiser. 

This is being done for every patient in the US, as we all know that everyone is one accident or diagnosis away from being at the mercy of these restrictive policies.


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